Ocean Salon

Tanning & Nails

 All our reception staff have been fully trained on each of the tanning units and all the tanning products
 to enable us to offer you the best tan and the safest way of achieving the tan you want.
 Educating our clients regarding healthy tanning is of the utmost importance - therefore each client will
 have a short consultation with our staff so that we can achieve this.

the next generation in tanning technology                3 mins...£2
the KBL MEGASUN 5600 ultrapower                       6 mins...£3
the optimal tanning power sunbed                            9 mins...£4
MEGAPOWER 200 watt ALISON tan-stand             12 mins...£5
                                                                            15 mins...£6
                                                                             18 mins...£7

Fantasy Tan Spray        £25
Twinkle Tan                   £15
Pre-tan exfoliation          £10

Fake Bake
Get a rich and natural looking tan with FakeBake.  Results usually last 1 week.
Full Body                       £27
Half Body                       £20

By Entity and Creative Nail Design, to any length and shape you require using the latest techniques for a truly natural looking nail.
French or Natural Acrylics        £25
Coloured Acrylics                    £30
Infill                                        £18
Re-balance                              £22
Repair (per nail)                        £3
Removal inc manicure               £10
Twinkle toes semi perm sparkle non-chip polish £13
set & cured to last weeks (choice of colours available)

Wear & tear takes it's toll and makes maintaining hands a challenge.  That's why Creative has modernised the manicure, treating hands as delicate as we treat the face.
Spa Manicure (inc polish)        £18
-deluxe with parafin wax           £21
-with french polish                    £20
File & Polish                            £10
French file & Polish                  £10     diamonties extra

An earthy collection of natures finest minerals, vitamins and essential oils to restore natural beauty and promote healthy feet.
Spa Pedicure (inc polish)        £21
-with french polish                  £26
File & Polish                          £10
French file & Polish                £10